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Whatever we are called, how can we help you in your job search? It is a personal decision to use a professional recruiter to help you find a job. Understanding who they are and what they do will help you in making this decision.

Since the hiring organization will be looking for a long-term commitment from the physician candidate, you can be certain they will be looking for someone who will fit easily into the organization. Expect extensive interviews not just with the in-house recruiter, but also with your potential colleagues and the organization's board members. Be prepared to answer questions about your career goals, work style and personal interests.

The hiring organization or practice pays the recruiter for his or her services out of their marketing expenses. The old story of how the fee comes out of the doctors pay in simply not true. Since there is a contractual arrangement between the search firm and the prospective hiring organization, the search firm is working in the organization's interest to match not force the job seeker. Do not feel that Physician Empire will pressure you to take any particular job as we offer guarantees that if the physician hired doesn't stay for a specified period, Physician Empire will assist in and accept the cost of finding his or her replacement. We do not want to ruin our reputation by making poor matches. Our ultimate goal is to find the right physician for the job and right job for the physician.

  • We contact private practices, hospitals or academic institutions in the area you are searching to see if they are seeking to replace or add an associate.
  • We match your career objectives to available positions and determine if it is the right match. This can save you considerable time and effort.
  • We prepare you for the interview, obtain information about the area, and make travel arrangements. After the interview, we can do follow-up calls with the interviewer to obtain feedback.
  • We can work with you and your new employer to finalize a contract.

When we call a physician we already have some basic information about you. We know you are a Internal Medicine Physician, where you were trained and if you are currently employed. Our recruiters have a variety of resources to obtain this information from such as the AMA and lists available through academic institutions.

Our recruiter will be knowledgeable about the practice opportunity:

  • The practice's history and focus.
  • Income and partnership potential.
  • Work schedule/call schedule.
  • Why they are looking for an associate/partner.
  • Who are currently the partners/associates (unless the client requests confidentiality).
  • Compensation. Bonus/Incentive.
  • Benefits.1st year earnings potential.
  • Subsequent years earning potential.

Our top level employers will pay travel/interview expenses up front or reimburse you for them.

We protect your confidentiality

We will not introduce you to a practice opportunity until it has been shared with you. We will not release your CV to anyone without your permission.

Interviewing & getting the job

Once the interview process begins, we will contact you to provide information about the interview:

  • Share your comfort level - what you liked and disliked about the interview.
  • What questions were asked and how were they answered.
  • Be sincere about your interest in the position.
  • Was an offer presented?

After you have been offered the job, we will be there to help the negotiation of your contract if you require assistance. We can help to clarify any vague issues in contracts and also negotiate terms that are acceptable to both parties.

The right physician recruiter can be helpful for many residents as well as experienced job seekers. Many physicians have found working with a recruiter to be helpful as well as a positive experience especially when it led to the ideal opportunity.

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