At the end of the day, we measure our success by the success of the physicians we place. We appreciate their professionalism and the weight of their words in regards to our services.

My name is Dr. Makkawi. I am a physician who was helped by Lydia Fowler over the past few months. I just wanted to reach out and let you know that Lydia did an amazing job in helping me secure a position close to home. My wife and I are very happy and Lydia was a big part of that. She made me feel comfortable and confident every step of the way. She was very professional and easy to work with. She was very honest and transparent from the start and helped to steer me in the right direction at all times.

Thank you again for all your hard work! My family and I appreciate it greatly!

Adam Makkawi, MD – Family Medicine

I worked with Vicki Ross at Physician Empire during my search for a new Hospitalist position.
Vicki was so helpful throughout the process and made the daunting job search so smooth.
I highlighted to Vicki what was important to me and what I will be looking for in a new job and I was surprised at the ease with which she found multiple amazing job openings that met my need.
I am presently working as a Hospitalist in one of the hospitals I was linked to by Vicki and I love my job.
I have recommended Vicki to several friends who are looking for Hospitalist positions and their experiences have been awesome.

CJ Ofoche, MD, Internal Medicine Hospitalist

I started looking for a private practice job during the third year of my Neurology residency. I had received countless emails and phone calls from recruiters and headhunters, but virtually all of the offers had some kind of obvious downside. Then one day I received an email from Vicki Ross about a position near Portland, Oregon. It matched all of my requirements in terms of location, salary, and call schedule. Vicki was able to quickly get me in touch with the head of the practice and within two weeks, I had flown for an interview, accepted an offer, and finalized a contract. Even though I had a previous career as an attorney, I found Vicki’s input on the terms of the contract to be invaluable. She answered all of my questions, was prompt in all of her communications, and her extensive experience was obvious. She is a consummate professional and I have recommended her to a number of colleagues. If I am ever in need of a new position, I will not hesitate to use her services in the future.

Ross Smith, MD, JD, Neurologist

When it was time for me to start looking for a job towards the end of my residency, I had no idea where to start or where to look. Being a J1 waiver candidate, I always imagined that it would be extremely difficult finding a J1 waiver position in a desirable location. However, the staff at Physician Empire did a wonderful job assisting me in this process and ensured that I got what I was looking for. They really focused on what my requirements were for my job and found several positions that met my requirements in addition to being in a desirable location. They guided me through each step from searching for positions to interviews to going over contracts. I did not feel pressurized in any way to make any decisions or feel guilty if I turned down a position. Vicki Ross was great to work with and helped me find my dream job in Boston. Physician empire made my Job search during my residency considerably easier and I would recommend this company to anyone that is looking for their dream job!
Thank you for all of your help Vicki!

Sonia Kamal, MD, Internal Medicine

I began looking for a J-1 waiver sponsored position in my second year of residency. I was determined to find a spot in a major urban area, but was discouraged by many recruiters who told me I wouldn’t find such an opportunity. After speaking with Vicki, I was introduced to several opportunities in major City areas, all within a matter of weeks. I now look forward to starting my career in Phoenix Arizona as an internal medicine hospitalist. Thank you Vicki and your team at Physician Empire.

Dale Stern, MD

To all whom quest for ethical, dedicated, motivated support in your question for your career’s home base, you are here. I have worked with various organizations while looking for the right fit, a place to call mine. Thanks to the willingness of Vicki Ross, a nightmare search turned into my beautiful home. Excellent experience. I hope she’ll be there if I decide to travel on again… to a new home and adventure. Come, talk with her share your dreams. I can promise you won’t regret it.

Dr. Cheryl de Zayas, Pediatrician

Dear Vicki
I want to send you this note of appreciation for all your help over the summer. Our relationship goes back decades, and was rekindled again recently.

You are a true professional who cares about their clients. You are a rare person who truly matches physicians with opportunities best suited for them even if it means losing a retainer fee.

You are a great listener even in times of frustration. You are an advocate for the physicians who work with you as much as you are with the hospitals who retain you. It is all about the right fit.

You are the consummate professional, unmatched in this field always ignoring politics and personal gain for integrity and trust.

I would never choose anyone else to work with given the choice. I know you always have my best interests at heart.

William D. Knopf MD MBA FACC FSCAI

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