Working With Physician Empire

The primary focus of Physician Empire is to bring together practices and physicians that serve to promote each other’s growth. Organizations engage our services to find candidates for long-term commitments, meaning they are seeking physicians that have both the unique skillset the position requires and could also easily fit easily within the cultural and social dynamics of the practice. Our candidates are prepared for extensive interviews with a multiplicity of audiences. They are also coached for interviews and continue to receive guidance and direction throughout the process, including through delicate contract negotiations.

The services of Physician Empire are provided at no cost to the physicians we assist. The hiring organization or practice pays Physician Empire out of their recruitment budget. Additionally, we create contractual arrangements along with guarantees that assist in candidate replacement if a physician we have placed fails to begin employment or stay for a specified time. We do this to reinforce our commitment to finding the most reciprocal situation for both physician and practice, ensuring they are the best fit for one another.

We gather the following information in order to save you valuable time and expedite your search process:

  • Practice history and its focus
  • Potential for partnership and income
  • Work and call schedule
  • Reason for partner/associate search
  • Current partners/associates (unless the client requests confidentiality)
  • Compensation, incentives, bonus and benefits
  • First-year earning potential and earning potential for subsequent years
Protecting Your Confidentiality

Protecting Your Confidentiality

Confidentiality is key at Physician Empire. We protect your CV and privacy and do not share your name or information unless we have your permission.

We are dedicated to a process designed to find the perfect practices for the physicians we represent:

  1. We contact hospitals, private practices and academic institutions in your search area to verify if their needs are compatible with yours.
  2. We connect your career objectives to available positions and determine if it is the best match, saving you valuable time and effort.
  3. We prepare you for the interview, obtain information about the area and make travel arrangements. We also follow up with the interviewer to collect important post-interview information.
  4. If you are selected for the practice, we work with you and your new employer to finalize a contract.

Physicians Empire can be your confidential, full-service expert physician recruiter and consultant. Put our training, knowledge and physician recruitment experience to work for you.

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